Tender Jackfruit / இடிச்சக்கா (1Piece)

(Approx 1-2kg)
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  • When you have tender Jackfruit or Idichakka in abundance during summers, make this delicious Kerala Style Thoran Recipe that is gluten-free and vegan too. Preferably plan and cook the day you buy tender Jackfruit and do not refrigerate it for days together.
  • Do not compromise on the quantity of grated coconut used for this particular Thoran Recipe. The coconut enhances the taste of the tender jackfruit.
  • Tender Jackfruit has tender seeds that get cooked during pressure cooking and are easily mashed too. Do not throw them away. They are absolutely priceless!
  • Cook this vegetable in coconut oil for the authentic taste.

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Tender Jackfruit / இடிச்சக்கா  (1Piece)
Tender Jackfruit / இடிச்சக்கா (1Piece)
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