Pointed Gourd/ Parwal / பர்வல் (500g)

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parwal, parval, pointed gourd, Wild snake gourd, patola, green potato is a vine plant in the Cucurbitaceae family, similar to cucumber and squash, though unlike those it is perennial. There are many health benefits of eating pointed gourd and are less known to the people. The vegetable is rated as one of the nutritious foods and is offering vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Pointed gourd also offers you very less calories and hence it helps to keep the cholesterol levels in control. In Ayurveda, pointed gourd is used to treat the gastric problems and is also used as a natural aphrodisiac that can improve sex life.

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Pointed Gourd/ Parwal / பர்வல் (500g)
Pointed Gourd/ Parwal / பர்வல் (500g)
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