Hills garlic / மலைப்பூண்டு (250g)

(Approx 250g)
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Kodaikanal Malai Poondu is known for its medicinal and rich pungency. Hill Garlic is a pungent strong-flavored, droplet-shaped clove. It has immense health benefits and medicinal properties. The presence of higher amounts of organosulphur compounds, phenols, and flavonoids compared to other garlic and owes to its anti-microbial properties. Hill garlic is often referred to as ‘Power Food’ as it is loaded with immense amounts of nutrients and healing properties. Adding garlic to your diet can help lower the risk of many health conditions, including heart disease and certain kinds of cancer. Their rich source of phytochemicals boosts immunity and fights chronic diseases. They help in maintaining the rich body metabolism.

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Hills garlic / மலைப்பூண்டு (250g)
Hills garlic / மலைப்பூண்டு (250g)
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